I don't understand what is your service?

Our service is available to two different types of customers. First, Providers and their Distributors of fire safety platforms can have a centralized interface for their payment via credit card.

Second, their customers. The market being what it is, the same owner can have several buildings, needing different platforms, to meet all their requirements. Thanks to us, they will have access to a single unified interface, giving them access to all platforms that are members of Pay N'StaySafe.


How much does it coast?

That's the beauty of it. The various providers and each of their distributors, having thus simplified their payment, thus save money, since they do not have to set up their own payment system. The savings thus made are instead put back into our unified interface, thus giving customers access to all the various platforms.

It is therefore a win-win solution, which is paid for through the savings made.

End users do not have to pay a cent to access the platform.